Quick-Link Thumbnails for Easy Image Tag Editing

This tool hyperlinks the image thumbnails (makes them clickable) in the CafePress design report, linking them to the edit image page so you can easily edit the tags.

Using it is very simple: Once you have the bookmark added to your browser, navigate to a CafePress sales report page and click the Design tab. Once the design page has finished loading, click this Quick-Link to Edit Image Tags bookmark. Now all those design thumbnail images to the left of the list should be hyperlinked, each one to its own edit image tags page (in a new window or tab).

Instructions for adding the Quick-Link to Edit Image Tags tool:

Right-click and add the following link(s) to your browser's bookmarks or favorites:

Quick-Link to Edit Image Tags

Then, when you're on the CafePress design report screen, just click that bookmark and your design thumbnails will be clickable to edit your image tags.


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