SuperSort Bookmarklet

Hate the lack of thumbnail images on the CafePress rearrange products screen? Wish there was a better way to sort and reorder your products beside click, click, click... back and forth and up and down? Yeah, me too. So I wrote this javascript tool which brings in thumbnail images, arranged in an easy to use layout and... drum roll please... enables drag-and-drop reordering of products! Yeah, you read that right. Welcome to Web 2.0, CafePress.

Check out the following video to see it in action: SuperSort Demo Video (1:02 min. - 13.1 MB)

To install, right-click and add one of the following links to your bookmarks or favorites:

For Firefox, Safari, Opera, and pretty much any browser other than IE, add this bookmark: SuperSort

NOTE: Internet Explorer version currently not working. Stay tuned for an updated version....For Internet Explorer you have two options: Either install a better browser (see above) or use the following bookmark. Keep in mind that although the thumbnails and drag-and-drop both work in Internet Explorer, the experience is a little less elegant and not as smooth as in the other browsers. So, if you're sticking with IE, add this bookmark: SuperSort

Then when you're on the "rearrange" products screen, wait for that page to fully load, and then click the SuperSort bookmark you just added. Voila! Drag-and-Drop reordering of your products in each section! It's about a zillion times better in my opinion. I bet you'll agree.


If you find this tool useful and would like to show your support for it, please consider making a donation. Thanks!

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